about Our Story and Mission

Bridging the gap

Established in 2013 by experienced China mobile industry and gaming entrepreneurs Mikael Leinonen and Charles Chiang, MyGamez offers a completely new, secure, transparent and hassle-free way for global mobile game publishers to enter the world’s largest market. Our Finnish-Chinese operation is built to bridge the gap between global publishers and Chinese player base and provide you 100% western interface to the Chinese market.

MyGamez mission is to enable global publishers to tap their full growth potential in China and offer reliable partnership with world-class publishing services that form a solid basis for our customers’ China strategy. Our customers’ growth and control over their own game operation will always be priority for us

Photo of Mikael Leinonen
Mikael Leinonen
CEO & Co‑Founder
Photo of Charles Chiang
Charles Chiang
COO & Co‑Founder