PUBLISHing Services

We offer you close partnership that gives you the best chances to succeed in China market

Unique Co‑Publishing Services

We understand that you know your game better than anybody else

Our co-publishing services empower you to leverage your expertise and resources and maintain control over your game’s publishing in China. We handle local market expertise, operations and regulatory compliance and ensure a hassle-free publishing experience.

Modular Mix & match

Each game requires a customised market adaptation and operational strategy, aligned with the preferred market entry strategy and resources of each customer.

Our co-publishing model offers modular services, ensuring an ideal tailored for each customer partnership at every stage of China publishing.

Value Proposition

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Leverage your existing expertise and resources.

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cumulative experience instead of one-way knowledge transfer.

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Sustainable business model fostering long-term growth.

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Retain full control over source code and game operations.

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Revenue share structure for higher returns and scalable user acquisition.

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Real-time access to publishing stats and robust revenue reporting for full transparency.

From Approvals to Acquisition and More

We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive services tailored for Chinese market. From securing regulatory approvals to working with local user acquisition platforms, we handle all the essentials. Need hassle-free publishing tech for the Android market?

Look no further!

Our network of trusted partners provides you the necessary support services, such as UA tracking solutions, scalable customer support or art outsourcing.
Experience the ease of a one-stop solution for all your needs in China.

SDK for government anti‑addiction system?
Strong partnership with distribution platforms?
Local operations team?
For sure!
Tools & solutions needed for fully compliant publishing operation?
Of course!