China Market

Publishing in China might be the smartest growth strategy right now

A dragon in the hand is worth two in the bush

Developing your next top grossing global mega hit is next to impossible and, at best, a sizeable investment with high risk profile.

Bringing your existing evergreen hit games to the world's largest gaming market, on the other hand, offers much greater success potential with smaller investments and might just be the smartest way to build major growth in today's market.

Approach The Dragon With Due Respect

China, arguably the world’s largest and most complex gaming market, requires carefulnavigation. Regulatory hurdles, cultural differences, unique publishing ecosystem and tough local competition requires serious attention. Quick wins and easy opportunities are not available in the Middle Kingdom.

The right approach is to view China as a strategically important growth market that re-quires clear entry strategy, investment and long-term commitment. With that, and strong local partnership, a massive growth is attainable.

Start With 5‑Year Plan

China’s go-to-market time, influenced by the game ISBN approval process, may ex-tend up to 2-3 years.

Adapting user experience to align with Chinese player behaviour, delivering culturally relevant LiveOps content, optimising monetisation and UA and building strong DAU co-horts require long-term commitment beyond the initial launch.

Success in China requires focus and dedication throughout the journey.

ISBN Application preparation & submission.
1-3 months
ISBN Application precessing time.
Building the team, infrastructure, launch builds, marketing plans, outsourcing deals, etc.
1-2 years
Receive ISBN approval. Technical soft launch, testing UA & metrics, optimising. Scheduling launch.
1-3 months
Delivering culturally relevant LiveOps content, optimising performance, building strong DAU cohorts. Start from step 1 with your next game & build upon your learnings and audience.

Evaluate The Opportunity Wisely

While a competitive, evergreen hit title with a strong product-market fit sets a solid foundation, launching the game is just a good start.

We’ll help you to assess the genre appeal, competition, game market dynamics, locali-sation and LiveOps needs, marketability and revenue potential.

Discuss with our team to understand the required workload and consider these in lightof your resources and goals to ensure a well-informed decision to enter China market with due commitment. China is not for everyone and sometimes it’s simply better to put full focus on your existing markets than take a half-hearted attempt to enter a new one.