Navigating the Chinese Mobile Game Market: Key Considerations

The Chinese mobile game market presents immense potential and challenges. This post explores crucial factors for successfully entering this dynamic landscape.

Whether you're launching a mature product or in the planning stages, venturing into China demands a substantial, long-term investment. China's gaming scene is distinct, requiring a well-thought-out strategy and reliable publishing partner.

A pivotal consideration for the Chinese market is the ISBN, a government license mandatory for game publication. Key aspects include a lengthy application process, currently exceeding 1.5 years for foreign games. If you foresee sustained success in two years, it's a worthwhile pursuit.

Evaluate your game's eligibility, considering prohibited elements like gambling, blood, bones, and suggestive characters. Some games may have excessive content, posing challenges for adaptation to meet ISBN criteria.

For a China-focused strategy, integrate ISBN requirements into your game design from the outset. This proactive approach ensures seamless alignment with China's regulations, contributing to long-term success in the market.

Securing the ISBN license marks just the beginning.

How do you gauge your game's potential in the Chinese market? Before diving into the ISBN application process, consult with China publishers, like our team at MyGamez, for a comprehensive game evaluation.

While ISBN is crucial for publishing, consider a soft launch without in-app purchases. Test player interest and key metrics, such as retention and session length, serving as a valuable China "proof of concept." The enormity of efforts to publish successfully or obtain an ISBN emphasizes the need for tangible proof of your game's suitability for the Chinese market.

A globally successful title doesn't guarantee Chinese success. Seek evidence through a soft launch, existing Chinese player engagement in the global version, success on iOS China, or even the presence of Chinese copycats. Obtain concrete proof before venturing into the intricate Chinese gaming landscape.

Once you're confident your title aligns well with the Chinese market and are considering the ISBN application, it's crucial to assess the resources needed for market success.

Simply launching the game won't yield significant results. While initial success may occur, the ever-evolving needs of the Chinese market differ significantly from the West.

Understanding China's rapid pace is challenging for those unfamiliar. After living a decade in China, the contrast is akin to a yearly visit to Finland versus returning to Shanghai. This "hyper-speed" extends to all aspects, including mobile games, making long-term planning complex.

Even with a somewhat proven game for China, realizing its full market potential requires a dedicated team. This team, whether in-house, through your China publisher, or outsourced, must possess the necessary development expertise to keep pace with the dynamic market.

Chinese players burn through content at amazingly high rates.

To ensure ongoing engagement in the dynamic Chinese market, providing a steady stream of fresh, captivating content is essential. Relying solely on standard monthly updates from the global version may not suffice. Without a dedicated commitment or ample resources, the risk of losing interest to competing products looms.

This isn't to convey negativity but to underscore that the resource investment for thriving in China exceeds common expectations. Recognize the undeniable potential for substantial profits by aligning with Chinese tastes and continually enhancing your offering.

You cannot ignore China if you have a strong global hit on your hands!

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